Catherine Turocy co-founded The New York Baroque Dance Company with Ann Jacoby in 1976. Ever since then, she has been exploring beauty and grace and teaching classical principles in beauty and movement as seen through the lens of Baroque art.

Baroque Beauty Workout with Catherine Turocy

Thomas Keller at Per Se

Beauty, both spiritual and physical, was refined in the Baroque period.   Specialist Catherine Turocy has been steeped in the Baroque aesthetic since co-founding her company in 1976.  After training hundreds of dancers and even the wait staff at Thomas Keller’s NYC restaurant: Per Se Turocy would like to share her training methods with all women.  Baroque Beauty Workout is an exercise class to Baroque music which focuses on muscle tone for correct posture, balance and a graceful carriage of the body. Burn calories while shaping your body, finding correct posture, and learning how to move with your own grace and confidence. Movement exercises will be drawn from dances of the time published between 1700 and 1750, engraved in a dance notation system developed at the court of Versailles in France.

1:30 – 2:15 p.m.
begins January 6, 2021

Cost: $60/month

Registration/Payment: Once you have paid the monthly fee of $60 through PayPal you are registered. Your ZOOM link will arrive 24 hours before the first class.

Click here to register

Catherine Turocy also belongs to Grace of No Age:

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