2018 Dance Weekend: Historical Dance at Play

Come and Join Us at San Jose State University This Summer August 2-5!

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  4. CLASS DESCRIPTIONS (complete and can be downloaded)


What is being taught: Jennifer Meller (Renaissance), Catherine Turocy(Baroque) and Richard Powers with Joan Walton assisting (19th century and early 20th century) will guide students in this unique multi-era workshop to explore the hard science of reconstruction mixed with the creative performance expected by each time period.  The theme for each workshop is only offered once, so do not miss these practical classes, lectures and seminars open to professionals, students and teachers for a four day intensive. Historical dance and period concepts of creativity, as described by dancing masters in the Renaissance, Baroque and 19th century, will inspire the classes.

Class Examples:

  1. Renaissance dances from Joy and Jealousy
  2. Reconstruction for the Stage, Excerpts from the award winning Le Temple de La Gloire with music by Jean Philippe Rameau.
  3. A Japanese fan drill from the 1906 Masquerades, Tableaux and Drills.
  4. A deeper look into the five-step waltz, Steampunk Balls and the history of the Lindy Hop.
  5.  The African American contribution to American popular dance in the early 20th century and the emergence of the Black Cotillion will be explored through lectures with Richard Powers and Ruth Wilson.

If you need help in deciding which classes to take, please refer to the following suggestions for classes according to historical interest.

Class Suggestions for The Renaissance Gentlefolk

Class Suggestions for the 18th Century Dancing Mistress and Master

Class Suggestions for the 19th Century and Moderns

Students at all levels are welcome. Prior dance experience not required.

TUITION : 4 days of classes from morning until night in a friendly, supportive environment suitable for all levels.   (Room and Board and Day-Rate tuition options available, look at our registration forms for complete information.)

$425 – Standard rate (age 26 and up) includes $25 non-refundable registration fee

$350 – Student rate (age 18-25) includes $25 non-refundable registration fee

$350 – Teacher rate (teachers bringing at least 2 students, please list names in next section) includes $25 non-refundable registration fee, Download this flyer 2018-Workshop-Flyer to share with your students:

Please direct questions to Jennifer Meller: jen@sfrenaissancedancers.org or call (323)791-6791



The New York Baroque Dance Company (NYBDC) is grateful to the San Jose State University Artistic Excellence Programming Grant for financial support. This year dance faculty member, Joan Walton, was awarded the Artistic Excellence Award for 2017-2018 to help support the pre-workshop activities of NYBDC. Joan Walton is on faculty at the SJSU School of Music and Dance. The workshop, Historical Dance at Play, will be hosted at the university from August 2-5, 2018. This is a “College of Humanities and Arts Signature Event

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